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Diabetes Disability

Disability with diabetes 9 minutes Irina Smirnova 3769 Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disease in which the production of the hormone insulin suffers or the sensitivity of the peripheral target organs to its effect is impaired.

Chocolate Vanilla Buns

Chocolate Vanilla Buns What could be better than starting the day with fresh coffee and delicious buns? Moreover, as low-carb, we seem to have to give up all sweets.

Site about bad habits

Antibiotics have long been firmly entered the life of man. Now you can find antimicrobial drugs, antibacterial soap, bactericidal gel or wipes, and so on. But it is very necessary to use all means carefully.

Bayeta® (Byetta)

Composition and form of administration Subcutaneous solution - 1 ml: active substances: exenatide - 250 μg, excipients: sodium acetate trihydrate, glacial acetic acid, mannitol, metacresol, d / i water.

Glycated hemoglobin - what is it

What do the results of the analysis for glycosylated hemoglobin mean: increased and decreased indicators For a long time, diabetes mellitus can occur in a latent form, or the patient may not notice dangerous symptoms.